Looking Back at the Years


Hand Putting A Pin On A Paper Map

My name is Andy, and it has been quite a journey for me, both personally and professionally, ever since I set up AMH Pianos. With my work gaining constant coverage across London, I have been profoundly affected by the multi-cultural surroundings, which seems to exhibit novel creative and social dimensions not found in Bristol and the West Country.

Night Scene Of London With Motion Bright Blurs

London Capital

I feel as if the vibes of the capital have moved me; shaped my ways of thinking as well as my perspective in life. I do wonder, what might have been, had I not made the bold move of taking the world on my own terms, in new surroundings. Indeed, whatever has become of me in the last few years, has been a substantial improvement.

Birthday Cupcake With Cream And Candle

My Birthday is Just Around the Corner

With my birthday on the horizon, I reminisce about my own personal development, ever since my relocation to Hammersmith in West London, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many unique, interesting individuals, from all walks of life. I not only am tasked with looking after their pianos, but they are also my friends.

Broken Old Piano Keys

The Piano Services I Provide Across London

With being in the capital, my offerings related to piano removals and full-scale general repairs have allowed me exposure to an even more incredible array of instruments, in different surroundings. Constant exposure to all makes and models has ensured that I can provide a better tuning service with time.

Man Running On Rough Terrain

Social Media, Running and Blogging

In addition to what I know best, I have also learned the use of social media and have even gained quite a fan following. Blogging, training for the London Marathon, and being exposed to the arts, has, without a doubt, filled in many of the building blocks that nowhere else in the country could. However, in the grand scheme of things, all this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Sibings Checking Height

Feeling Taller

The most significant accomplishment for me, I feel, has been my personal development on the people skills front. Each time one of my customers provide me with praise and thanks, appreciating what I have done, I feel so much taller, yet humbled. For a new place to be favourable, it is not the environment or infrastructure, but rather the people who make up the community.

Grounded Coffee Beans Close Up

Keeping Me Grounded

Being blessed to be part of a cosmopolitan, multifaceted and creative mix, I come away each day learning not just something new, but often something so out of the box. This daily phenomenon is sufficient to keep me grounded since whenever I feel like I have learnt a great deal, I also find me thinking that I have really not learnt anything at all. Still, however, there is a long way to go before world domination.