Warming Up for the London Marathon 2016


London Marathon 2019

Training for the upcoming London Marathon is not easy! Despite having already run a considerable amount, just packing in the miles, as any experienced runner would tell you, is simply not enough. There is a range of factors requiring constant ongoing attention; overall fitness, diet, rest and sleep and even the right kind of shoes and sensible clothing depending on the weather.

It is a gruelling often draining regime from start to finish, even a standard practice run, lasting a few miles, can burn up thousands of calories – thousands more than average.

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So Why Do It?

Why should one such as myself pay good money and spend months, training for an event that was first commemorated to honour the sacrifice of a lone Greek soldier who ran a distance of 26 miles to inform the Athenians about an impending Persian attack close to the port city of Marathon? Why endure physical hardship when, at the same time, tuning and moving pianos present me with physical exertion in the first place? With over 36000 runners participating each year, everyone has their own reason. Some do it for charity, whilst others take it upon themselves to prove to their peers and loved ones their own unique abilities.

Even more astonishingly, a sizeable group of people do it for a living, hoping to emulate national and international milestones. My sole reason: Metro Blind Sport, a charity of usually understated importance that is battling on perhaps a vital issue blighting the disabled community as a whole: physical fitness.

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Please Donate

Many people may or may not realise that a blind or partially sighted person may be limited in their overall mobility, which in turn affects their social wellbeing, quality of life and even mental health. Myself and other blind and partially sighted people to a world of physical fitness and adaptive sports is the sole aim of this small London based charity. As promised, I will continue to keep my readers posted on the progress of my training. Meanwhile, I would appeal to y readers to please donate generously to this wonderful cause.