Piano Technicians: Getting to Know Your Piano


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As we find ourselves nearing the midpoint of April, I’m struck by the rapid passage of time, making me ponder the elusive nature of its flight. It’s astonishing how swiftly 2016 appears to be slipping through our grasp! The sunlit days have grown more vibrant, carrying a warmth that touches the very air we breathe. From the bustling streets of Richmond to the vibrant atmosphere of Covent Garden, there’s a palpable increase in the number of people out and about, as if the world itself is awakening from its winter slumber.

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AMH Pianos Services London Start Up

It’s truly astonishing to reflect on the relatively recent moment when I established AMH Pianos Services London; little did I know that this this endeavour would grow into what I now regard as one of the most important and fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made. This journey has provided me with the incredible privilege of traversing the diverse landscapes of London, enabling me to connect with remarkable individuals hailing from various backgrounds and experiences. The outpouring of appreciation, kindness, and praise I’ve received from numerous individuals has been overwhelming, and I am profoundly grateful to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

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Changing the Topic

Today, let’s shift our focus to a fresh topic. In previous conversations, I’ve delved into our exchanges on [fb]Facebook[/fb] and Twitter, and I’ve made an effort to articulate my perspectives and emotions stemming from my journeys on the London Underground, specifically the routes connecting Bromley and Bexley to vibrant destinations like Ealing, Hackney, and the iconic Westminster.

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Profiling your Upright or Grand Piano

We’ve gone as far as to explore cherished locales such as Lewisham and Greenwich, but what I’m most interested in exploring right now are the intriguing interactions I have with your pianos. Over time, as I tune or service your magnificent grand or upright piano, these regular visits create a distinct sense of intimacy, allowing a unique character and personality to gradually emerge in my mind, forming a comprehensive profile of your instrument.

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Each and Every Piano is Different

This is very important to me and ultimately benefits you. One would wonder why this would be important and might say “A piano, after all, is simply a piano, and it was made with a specific purpose in mind”. The answer is really straightforward: every piano is different, not just in appearance but also in its profile. These differences stem from the make and model of the piano, its surroundings, condition, maintenance, frequency of use, and age of the instrument, to name a few.

As an illustration, let’s say I need to tune the instrument and I observe that the upper two octaves sound flatter than usual. Naturally, I would correct these deficiencies during my work, and my classical training allows me to gauge precisely how these octaves should sound following tuning and repairs as necessary.

Imagine that I notice the exact same deficiencies for the same instrument upon my follow-up visit. Over time, a better picture of the piano builds up in my mind. Therefore, upon a regular visit, I would instantly know where I would need to pay attention, and I would put into place the necessary steps to help prevent these from happening faster. This process helps me carry out the work more efficiently and quickly, thereby saving you time and money.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

You can get some advice for improved piano maintenance if you look through my FAQ page. I firmly believe that the best work is carried out when there is a good working relationship between you and me, as well as excellent working knowledge about your instrument. Developing a mental profile about your piano provides me with more experience and motivates me to work even harder to provide you with good outcomes.

If I can be of any assistance, or if you would like to book a tuning, repair, servicing or removals, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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