Kickstarter Project for a Vertical Upright Grand Piano


Pianist In A Red Jumper Playing The Piano

Have you heard about the Vertical Upright Grand Piano?

To begin, being a pianist has its challenges because you cannot just throw your instrument in a convenient little bag and go about your life. You’re limited to the practise room or concert hall, unfortunately, unlike those lucky wind instrumentalists who can take their oboes, flutes, and clarinets with them wherever they go.

Future Upright Grand Piano

Unique Grand Piano Kick Start Project

However, change is in the air, it would seem. All thanks to the director of Future PianoSarah Nicolls, who has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of the ‘Standing Grand.’ Instead of the standard grand piano weight of 450kg, this will be a vertical upright grand piano weighing only 82kg. Ms. Nicolls generated the idea when she found herself increasingly asked to play inside the piano by plucking strings, strumming, or knocking, which produced extraordinary sounds but were uncomfortable to perform with the audience unable to see what was going on.

So she took it upon herself to come up with a piano design where the strings went vertically from the keys, and the rest, as they say, is history! The Kickstarter project says: “We have now undertaken as much design work as we can and are now ready to build our first prototype from scratch. This will be a hybrid piano using traditional and advanced materials (composites) for the optimum sound, cost, and weight ratio.”

If you want to see Ms. Nicolls put a piano through its paces, you can do so on September 7th at the Peter Pears Recital Room in Snape Maltings, as part of the Festival of New.