Is London’s Music Up-tempo?


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My name is Andy Howard, and since moving to London not so long ago, I have noticed a definite surge in energy. The hustle and bustle of the crowds, coupled with the relentless pace of life is a powerful shock to anyone’s system, mainly if the person has not been accustomed to living in busy cities. I feel settled more than ever at this very moment and gradually becoming more established.

London At The Dusk

London, Bristol and Bath

I certainly appreciate the whole spectrum of activity and opportunities that this world-renowned capital of ours has to offer, and I love it more every day. I have lived in Bristol and Bath for a considerable length of time and was fortunate enough to attend plenty of events that featured the best music that I have had the pleasure of hearing. Bristol may be renowned for its music scene, but there is no place like London for the Art culture.

Vintage Metronome

It has got me thinking about London’s Music Tempo

Last week I enjoyed going to see an Ed Sheeran concert and whilst enjoying the concert, it got me thinking, does London’s music tempo match its lifestyle? Comparing the size, population and average distance travelled per week, the pace of London completely dwarfs that of Bristol. I now find myself walking and talking faster, and I certainly want to achieve a lot more in the smallest possible timeframe.

Assuming that this phenomenon applies to every Londoner, does it mean that I am now listening to more up-tempo music to match my energetic lifestyle?

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Music Genres of London

London has undoubtedly given rise to many music genres including drum and bass and more recently dubstep – both being a somewhat up-tempo take on the world-famous West Indian influences of Reggae, Calypso and Steel Band. I have not conducted formal scientific research.

I do however wonder whether or not my music-loving customers expect their pianos to be prepared differently to produce more up-tempo and louder sounds so that they can play at top-notch speed. Given that a piano is always a piano and serviced, in the same way, to produce the best quality of music regardless of location, are there underlying factors expected by the piano player to aid their composition that matches the pace of their lifestyle.

Aerial Panorama Of The City Of London

The Londoners Way of Life

It goes without saying that with each passing day, I seem to be working faster and more efficiently in line with the London way of life. Humans tend to naturally increase their rhythm over time once they have mastered a particular pattern – a psychological phenomenon known as forwarding telescoping.

It is therefore imperative that strict discipline is required to counteract this tendency if one intends to produce top quality music. The question remains: Does the pace of London, or for that matter, any city, impact the rate of playing or producing music?

I would certainly love to hear from my readers purely to generate exciting ideas on the subject that I could one day turn into academic research.

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