How to Help the Piano Tuner Before They Arrive


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When a piano tuner comes into your home to tune your piano, you must provide a quiet environment for him/her to do their work in peace. If you distract or fail to support the technician, you will have failed yourself significantly, with your instrument and your pocket bearing the most damage. There are many things that you can do for them, they don’t necessarily have to be monumental tasks. After all, it is the small things that matter.

No noise

When piano tuners come to your home to work for you, you must provide a serene environment for them. This kind of atmosphere will enable them to concentrate on the task they are carrying out. If there is noise, they will keep on getting distracted, and this loss of concentration could have severe implications for the task at hand.

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Ensure that there are no distractions during the period that the tuner is doing work on the piano. Restrict your activities to other rooms in the house, and away from the piano’s proximity to accord the tuner time to work in a quiet setting to allow the tuner to listen to the tuning process.

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It is essential to support tuners when they come to your home to work on your piano. It helps to make their work more accessible to some extent and improve the results. If you require any piano tuning, then please get in touch.

How To Help A Piano Tuner Summary

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