How Often a Piano Should Be Tuned


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Pianos require care, and ownership of a piano is one of life’s pure luxuries that brings so much happiness and joy to the household. Alongside the pleasure of owning a piano, pianos are a significant investment choice. Like all investments, it should be taken care of to ensure that it thrives and is worthy of the investment that was put into it.

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Tuning is Crucial

It is crucial to tune your piano to ensure the immeasurable joy and melody that the instrument brings into your home and life is maintained. When it goes for a while without tuning, the grand instrument loses the tonal melody it produces, and the quality of melody that it produces is compromised.

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How Often is Enough?

Many people keep asking how often they should have their pianos tuned, but that answer depends on several variables. This servicing time range is not the same for all kinds of pianos. It is, therefore, crucial to work in close contact with an expert to tell you when your piano is due for tuning.

The longer you postpone your appointment with a tuner, the direr the situation your piano is in, and with time, the bill increases exponentially. The quality of your instrument, into which you invested so much, reduces. It is good to have your piano tuned at least every six months, even if you do not use it much or at all. This allows it to remain in good condition when you come to use it again.

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Playing Your Piano Regularly Still Requires Regular Tuning

If you play your piano regularly, you should also have it tuned just as often. It is imperative to take care of your assets and investments so that you get value for your money. The same is true for the maintenance of pianos.

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Book a Qualified Tuner

Make sure to have your piano tuned frequently by a qualified service provider so that you can enjoy quality melodies for longer. If you have a piano in London and would like us to tune it for you, then please get in touch with our team on 07500 661581, or alternately visit our piano tuning page for more information on what we offer.

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