Has Electronic Keyboards Killed The Piano Star?


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Electric Keyboards Throw Critical Punch VS Acoustic Pianos

Electric keyboards land a critical punch against acoustic pianos. The modern music industry has seen a considerable revolution whereby electronic keyboards have dealt a death blow to pianos. A few years back, there used to be a particular enjoyment that came with a musician playing the keys of a piano to bring together the song’s message. Playing the piano in those days was an art that could only be learnt by the best and most talented.

Pianists are Being Left Behind Forgotten Rusty Bikes

Distinguished musicians made a career statement by choosing the piano as their instrument of choice. They learnt how to play it at the feet of the best teachers in the world and then translated this knowledge into powerful musical notes that were known to resonate in the hearts of their listeners.

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Easier to Learn

Today, however, the industry has seen the advent of electronic keyboards. These keyboards have diminished pianos completely because of many reasons. One of these reasons is that electronic keyboards are easy to learn about. There isn’t much for musicians to learn because some even guide him/her on where to press to make the kind of sound they want.

Nowadays, you can simply carry around your electric keyboard into the middle of nowhere without having to hire a piano removals team, and by using your smartphone, you can continue elearning where you left off! Grand and Upright pianos can not compete with that.

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Everyone’s Storing their Works on Memory Cards

Electronic keyboards can also accommodate a memory card. Musicians have turned to this method largely. They acquire pre-recorded material from somewhere else and insert it into its slot. When they are performing, they only pretend to be playing the notes.

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No Teacher Required

They are very user friendly because you do not need a teacher to guide you. There are many applications on the internet that have been made to teach first-timers how to play the keyboard. It isn’t hard to follow the simple instructions they give, though. Electronic keyboards have really done a number on pianos. They would need a lot of effort to catch up if they ever will. That said there is still a place for Pianos, and thankfully, even today we have people learning the good old fashion mechanical piano.

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We Don’t Repair Electric Keyboards

Regularly we receive emails and calls from customers asking how much to repair their electric keyboard! Somehow the word piano has been thrown into the works, and it is common for many to call an electric keyboard an electric piano which they are NOT! We do not repair electric keyboards, but we do repair pianos in London. If you need any help or advice regarding your acoustic piano, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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