The Continental Variations of Music


Artists Producing Music

Talented Artists and Geographics in London

London has attracted many talented artists across our significant capital as our population diversifies post world war II. We continue to embrace the fusion of styles, creating something entirely new representing the globalising, hybridising melting pot that is London.

Extending our geographical reach across Europe, and further widening the net to the Middle East and North Africa, is it possible to separate London’s modern style, whose boundaries have been blurred into one another throughout history?

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Modern Musical Phenomenon

I notice an interesting modern musical phenomenon with a clear north-south divide. Music in southern Europe appears to have more of a pop variety, whilst within the North, it tends to lean towards heavier beats which is more prevalent within the Scandinavian heavy metal craze. I can extend my argument by pointing to the boundaries of Europe where the style, to this day, retains its old-world musical roots. One only needs to take southern Spain, where the music has Flamenco overtones alongside Arabic and Hebrew styles due to the Muslim and Jewish communities respectively.

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Medieval Times and Music

Similarly, Greek and Turkish music maintain their links to medieval, classical music, as does the music of the Balkans and other southern European states. Note that Middle Eastern and North African music still sound similar to Plasma and Raga, that continue to be popular and prevalent long after their creation close to 1000 years earlier.

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Northern European Links

Now observe how Germanic, Celtic and similar northern European music has a more rock influence, with heavier, louder beats and a slightly classical melodic overlay. Additionally, notice how central European music appears to blur the boundaries between northern and southern styles, both in composition and performance.

Interestingly Scandinavian music continually produces heavy metal musicians in the modern charts, with acts like Lordi, even winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Reflect, and Have a Think!

Let us have a think, why this divide? Music is, after all, still performed using familiar instruments and mainly composed and taught in our curriculum using the piano. This instrument has stood the test of time and heavily influences music across Europe and its surroundings regardless of genre. Indeed, the northern regions experience extreme cold, whilst southern Europe and the Middle East can get temperatures over 40c. Let’s also examine the more fast-paced, task-oriented life-style of the North, compared to the South’s relaxed, more leisurely approach. Indeed these factors would affect the artists and adoring public alike.

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Southern Europe

In contrast, Southern Europe is presently experiencing a recession and a consequent drop in living standards. Returning to the arts, notice the linguistic precision English, German, Danish and Swedish and contrast this to the expressive richness of Italian, Greek, Turkish, and even Arabic and Hebrew.

Aerial Panorama Of Southern Europe

Middle Ages

The Middle Ages had a more expressive way of doing things, longer attention spans and a depth of perception since there were fewer things to do and even fewer advancements to compensate for human error; hence the greatest classical musicians can be linked to this era.

If these observations were to continue, would sound bytes replace symphonies? And does this mean that the next wave of musical geniuses will come from Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa? Finally, what conclusions can be drawn about the emerging culture of London as the population continues to rise and diversify and styles and roots frequently merge into each other?

Whatever your style and preference, talk to AMH Pianos Services London about how we can help you get the most out of your piano. Also, the opinions and views of my readers are always highly appreciated. Have a great and wonderful 2015.

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