Celebrations in 2016 Continue


Group Of Women Cheering Champagne

Happy New Year and More!

The New Year has been and gone; fireworks, after-parties, New Year’s resolutions and good wishes all around. In fact, we have probably broken our New Year’s resolutions long ago, and cheery Christmas music and tinsel have long been replaced by the usual chart-toppers; the lights are now off amid what many people may describe as the most challenging month of the year.

Sounds familiar? No, Not Quite Yet! Living in London, the Metropolitan capital of the World, is not even close to a dull affair. Just listen beneath the surface, and you will notice that celebrations carry on and on. I feel extremely delighted about the fact that no matter where I am in the City, the Christmas and New Year theme carries on throughout January, meaning that there is a party to attend only a short train ride away.

12 Days of Christmas

When most of us are finished with the 12 days of Christmas the following day heralds the arrival of the Armenian, and Greek Orthodox Christmas, followed by the New Year’s celebration around the 14th of January. Fortunately, therefore, the large Greek and Armenian communities in London pull out all the stops, culminating in extremely creative, melodic sounds coupled with some of the most iconic rhythms on the planet. You just need to listen.

A Busy Road With The Message A Better World Is Possible Written On The Ground

Black History Month

The month of January also happens to be Black History Month. It is not only a time to remember, and make amends for, our shameful collective past, but also a time for musical education. It may be Caribbean Calypso, African Polyrhythms, various inclinations of Jazz and Soul, there is excellent music beyond the UK Top 40. Again, you just need to keep your ear out whilst walking the streets of our beautiful capital.

Fireworks In Chinese New Year Taiwan

Chinese New Year

Finally, towards the end of the month, we gather together to welcome in the Chinese New Year. This ancient rich culture has played an important role in astrology, ancient mythology, and of course, fascinating music with a completely different perspective to the West. This New Year’s celebrations are indeed a spectacle – one of increasing importance due to the cultural and socio-economic empowerment of China, along with a growing Chinese diaspora.

London Eye At Christmas Time

Lots Going on in London

With so much going on, I do wonder why anybody, especially in London, would have a reason to feel depressed just yet. There are great food, fabulous costumes and a colourful vibe on display, all with the opportunity to gain cultural insight and education. One just needs to get involved in the fantastic London community, and there will be plenty of events at which to give and receive the best wishes for the New Year. Last but not least, wherever you may be reading this, have a great 2016 from AMH Pianos Services London.