How Accessible is London? For Blind Piano Tuners?


People Waiting In Londons Underground

Having travelled all over the UK, I often think to myself: is London the most accessible city in the country? We are seeing a really integrated transport system in the Capital, with excellent transport networks, both above and below ground and having step-free access becoming more and more the norm for the commuters of London.

Photo Of Andy Howard Turquoise Green Background

I Am a Blind Piano Tuner in London

My name is Andy Howard, and I have minimal sight. I tune pianos throughout Central London and East London. So how is our transport? Well I have to say, our public transport system is excellent, it allows me to carry out my work and indulge in social activities. Using my smartphone, with GPS in the UK, Transport for London, TFL, should be really proud of the network, and I would like to give thanks for the skills and insights of the city planners.

Large Pair Of Speakers Attached To A White Wall

Travel Advice Over the Radio

Audio announcements on trains and buses are helpful to so many people whether you are new to the city or travelling to other areas outside of your daily commute, these audio systems also help along all stages of ones travel.

Liberty Festival And National Paralympic Day In London

Paralympic Games 2012

Many accessibility advancements, I feel, have been a direct result of the Paralympic Games 2012, which as one of my passions, finds great coverage across London, providing all the more reason to fall in love with this beautiful Capital of ours.