Piano Removals, Piano Tuner & Repairs in Battersea, Clapham Junction and Tooting

If you have a piano in Battersea, Clapham Junction, Tooting or other areas within London Borough of Wandsworth then we can provide you with low-cost yet professional services. We offer piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale.

AMH Pianos Services London have a renowned reputation for delivering excellent customer service and exceeding our customer’s expectations. If you require any of the services we provide and would like a quote, then please call our team on 07500 661581.

Mahogany Grand Piano

We Tune, Repair, Service and Restore all Grand and Upright Pianos

We offer professional piano tuning that meets the highest of standards, for upright, baby grand and grand pianos including silent models.

Additionally we provide repairs and restoration services for customers who have one or more piano faults. We can service both modern and vintage pianos with minor or significant hardware faults. Most of our repairs can be done on the same day as your appointment.

If the piano is in such a dire condition, then we have a restoration workshop that can completely rebuild your instrument and restore it to as good as the original craftsmanship.

If you are encountering piano issues, then please get in touch with our team by calling us in London on 07500 661581. Here are some just of the pianos we have had the pleasure of working on in customers homes and buildings across Battersea, Clapham Junction and Tooting:

  1. Steinway Vertegrand Upright Piano
  2. Yamaha U1 HQ90 SXG Silent Upright Piano
  3. Yamaha DU1e3 Disklavier Upright with silent system
  4. Broadwood Barless Grand Piano Circa 1905
  5. Fazioli F212 Grand Piano
  6. icon with text for sale C.Bechstein Upright Piano MOD IV
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  7. icon with text for sale Bechstein Mod 8 Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  8. icon with text for sale Danemann Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
Sheet Music On Top Of A Steinway And Sons Grand Piano

Piano Relocation and Removal Services

Moving a piano is not an easy task as often they are heavy and do not fit through doorways, and navigating stairs can be hellish. Customers need not worry or work up a sweat. Our dedicated removal team have the skill, experience and know-how to ensure your piano move is successful without causing damage to the piano, or the walls of your home or building.

If you need a piano moved from one building to another, or room to room, or building to a storage unit, or vice versa, then our team can help you. Please call 07500 661581 and book your move date with AMH Pianos Services London.

Our piano moving service is competitively priced, insured and can often accept last-minute bookings. Book your move day with [AMH] by calling us on 07500 661581.

Superb Track Record

AMH Pianos Services London has been in the piano industry for over 20 years, and we have served thousands of customers, and we continue to grow our business on an annual basis. We take great pride in the services we offer, and our online reviews demonstrate our sucess, which has been made possible by a skilled and professional team that gets the job done right the first time.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

Being one of the most reputable piano services companies operating in London, and we have a superb track record for great prices and fabulous customer service. But don’t just take our word for it, please check our great reviews on Google, Facebook and Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.

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