Piano Tuning, Repairs and Removals in Marble Arch, Mayfair and Soho

Professional Acoustic Piano Services

AMH Pianos Services London provides low-cost professional services for customers with upright, or grand pianos in Marble Arch, Mayfair and Soho. If your piano is faulty, broken or requires tuning, then you just stumbled across one of the best piano repair companies in London. We cover the whole of  Mayfair- offering all types of piano services.

Our services include piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale.

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Mayfair piano removals , Central London

We Tune, Repair, Service and Restore all Grand and Upright Pianos

We service all types and all brands of acoustic pianos. If you have a grand piano, baby grand, upright, or even a silent piano, then our team are ready to take your call.

We have been in the piano sector for a very long time, and we have repaired some of the most exclusive and expensive pianos in the world. There is no mechanical piano we can’t fix, so please be assured when you book one of our technicians, it will be full of professionalism, know-how, and completely hassle-free.

if you are relocating to the West of the City, please check our Richmond Piano Removal Services page.

Marble Arch, Mayfair and Soho is home to many properties and buildings, and thankfully, for us, thousands of pianos. We have experience repairing and tuning a massive range of manufacturers, notably some of the best pianos available, which include but not limited to:

  1. Steinway & Sons Model D Grand Piano
  2. Bӧsendorfer 225 Grand Piano c1983
  3. Yamaha B2E SC2 Upright Silent Piano
  4. Woodchester Upright Piano c1997
  5. Kemble Cambridge 10 Upright Piano c1999
  6. icon with text for sale C.Bechstein Upright Piano MOD IV
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  7. icon with text for sale Bechstein Mod 8 Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  8. icon with text for sale Danemann Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
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Piano Relocation and Removal Services

If you have a piano in or around, Marble Arch, Mayfair or Soho, then we can provide you with a professional removal service. The piano removal team have all been CBS checked and are fully insured to carry out the moving process.

We are very cautious when we move a piano, but we can never rule out accidents, and one of the reasons we would never move a piano without valid insurance to do so.

If you want your piano moved then, please call our team on 07500 661581

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Superb Track Record

At AMH Pianos Services London we take our reputation very seriously, from the moment we take your call, you will receive a friendly greeting, and experience an informative service on how we can help.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

We have years of experience, but if you would like some extra assurances, then please check our great reviews on Google, Facebook and Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.

Please call 07500 661581
Email andy@tuningpianos.co.uk