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Pianos Services in Harrow
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We provide the very best in removals and piano restoration services for customers with pianos in the London Borough of Harrow, including Belmont, Pinner and Stanmore.

The team at AMH Pianos Services London have been operating in your local area for almost two decades and rest assured you will not be disappointed in our customer service or any of the service results. Contact our team today and book your move date or restoration, call 07500 661581.

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piano moving and piano disposal Harrow ,Pinner, Belomnt

Piano Restoration Services

At AMH Pianos Services London we have been providing professional restorations for all types and brands of pianos for many years. We have dedicated workshops in London, where all the magic happens. We take worn, broken, and vintage pianos and turn them back into working masterpieces. Full rebuild and refurbishment at affordable rates. If you have an antique or modern piano that has many faults or damage, we can help you.

We can work on grand, baby grand and upright pianos, and we can also upgrade them with a silent modification if required. Please contact us us for more information.

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Piano tuning in Harrow , Pinner and Belmont

Piano Removals

From our own experience, if you have a piano that you value, you should avoid standard removal companies, as they often do not know how to transport a piano safely. Our team only provide professional but low-cost piano removals, with heaps of experience and knowledge.

If you’re looking for a removal company that is insured, vetted and has the know-how, then AMH Pianos Services London can help you.

We have been helping customers in Harrow for almost two decades with professional piano removals. Our team is fully insured and qualified to move upright, baby grands and grand pianos.

We have the skill and experience to ensure your piano move goes to plan. Our team has had the training to dismantle all types of pianos, and then reassemble them in their new location.

  1. We move pianos from property to property
  2. We move pianos from or to storage units
  3. We move pianos from room to room
  4. We move pianos upstairs and down
  5. We move pianos in all types from grand to upright

Book your move date today with AMH Pianos Services London - call 07500 661581

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piano restoration and repairs in Harrow, Pinner and Belmont.

Exploring Harrow’s Musical Legacy: Ian Dury and Peter Andre

Welcome to our exploration of the vibrant musical heritage nestled within the London Borough of Harrow. Today, we uncover two influential figures who have left an indelible mark on the music scene, resonating far beyond their hometown.

Ian Dury, a lyrical genius and charismatic performer, grew up in Harrow. Known for his distinctive blend of punk rock and funk, Dury’s music was as eclectic as it was groundbreaking. His hits like “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick” and “Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3” continue to captivate audiences worldwide. In celebrating Dury’s legacy, we reflect on the power of music to inspire and unite—a sentiment echoed in our commitment at AMH Pianos Services London. As specialists in piano tuning, repairs, and removals, we understand the importance of maintaining instruments in their optimal state, ensuring they continue to produce harmonious melodies that resonate with passion and precision.

On a different note, Peter Andre, another Harrow luminary, carved his path through the music industry with his chart-topping pop hits. From his early days in Harrow to international stardom, Andre’s journey underscores the transformative impact of music on culture and identity. Just as Andre’s music evolves, so too do our services at AMH Pianos Services London. Whether tuning a grand piano to perfection, delicately repairing intricate mechanisms, or safely relocating instruments across town, we strive to uphold the musical integrity that defines our clients’ artistic expression through our unique harrow piano services.

In conclusion, Harrow’s rich musical tapestry, woven by icons like Ian Dury and Peter Andre, serves as a testament to the enduring power of music. At AMH Pianos Services London, we are honoured to contribute to this legacy by ensuring every piano we touch resonates flawlessly, enriching the lives of musicians and audiences alike. Join us in preserving musical excellence, one piano at a time.

Superb Customer Service

If you decide to use any of our services, we can ensure that you will receive nothing else but first-class service. From the moment we take your call or email, we will treat you with the utmost respect, and we will do everything we can to go beyond your expectations, and ensure the job is done correctly the first time, without hiccups or hassle.

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