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With years of experience as a piano technician and professional piano tuner in London I, Andy Howard, bring the best services to your door. Having qualified in 1992 as a Dip. AEWVH approved Piano Tuner/Technician from the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford; I have extensive work experience with a variety of organisations covering all types and also components of pianos. Whilst the physicality of my work was extensively covered throughout my studies, I have developed a deep mastery of the complex science underpinning the building of, and the capability of, pianos throughout my working life.

As a conventionally trained piano services specialist, I utilize tuning forks to gage and readjust the changes in the instrument’s pitch. Not only has this fine-tuned my hearing, it is also a good example of resonance in practice. Readjusting for the correct pitch i.e. resonant frequency is a requirement for adjusting a piano who’s internals are impacted by a change in dampness and temperature. Given that Britain is a cold country of a high latitude, there are seasonal variants, triggering extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, exposure to radiators, as well as central heating with intermittent running times, can affect a piano’s sound over time. Consequently, I will constantly compensate for acoustic variations caused by thermal expansion/contraction of the musical instrument.

Whilst it is possible to theorise about the science behind acoustics, frequency vibrations and thermodynamics, it is a specialist skill to supply each individual piano with the level of attention and optimal care needed to facilitate the creation of excellent deeply personal and pitch-perfect songs and melodies.

Undoubtedly, my customers want to know more about what my job entails. When asked specifically what I do, I try and describe as best as possible to interested people just what is essential for terrific sound and I do it with a smile. I strongly believe that by providing a greater understanding, I might influence an individual to produce even better sounding, more personal music, which is inevitably my end objective. Please get in touch if I can help you become more attuned to making great music on your own.

See more details on the home page of this website: Additionally, please read our FAQ page for a price list, plus answers to your most common queries. You can also check out where we cover in London and see for yourself the fantastic feedback that our service users have provided.

I also have an interest in writing about my work and experiences. You can read my blog here.

"Dear Andy, Thanks again for coming to tune the piano for us at Jermyn Street Theatre yesterday, at short notice."

"A Punctual & Professional service. I was very happy with the work carried out on my old piano at what I would consider at a very reasonable price. Andy was such a pleasure to do business with and comes highly...
George Ramos

"Thank you very much for your message, so good of you to get feedback, piano is fabulous thanks! Good luck for the London Marathon."