Piano Removals in London by AMH Pianos

London’s Premier Piano Removal Service

If you are looking for a professional company to carry out piano removals, then look no further. AMH Pianos are experienced in handling all aspects related to a safe and timely relocation and transportation of your precious musical investment. Plus we offer great customer service that truly is outstanding value for money.

AMH Piano Removals in London is a specialist piano removal service provided by Andy Howard of AMH Pianos. With Andy’s years of experience as a Dip. AEWVH accredited Piano technician, and having a considerably lengthy industrial presence, we understand your needs for smoothly performing a piano removal service in any part of London and the surrounding M25.

We understand what is required in transportation of the different kinds of pianos, from small uprights to concert grand and further more. Your Piano removal requests are lead and conducted by Andy Howard and his trusted team – all personnel are well trained, highly experienced and knowledgeable to carry out your requests to the highest quality standards.

Your piano’s safety is our top priority. Our service guarantees the safety of your piano during the whole process. We additionally ensure the safety and protection of your premises during the entire process from start to finish. At AMH Pianos, we are fully insured and DBS checked to guarantee a high level of service is accompanied by your protection and peace of mind.

What we can offer you?

From our experience, the majority of removal and transportation techniques are fairly straightforward, and our work carried out aims to minimise the level of disruption at your residence or place of work. However, from time to time, it is necessary to manoeuvre pianos around tight corners, slim staircases, basements and other narrow enclosures. When encountering such tough situations, we have the requisite skills and experties to perform an efficient and broad ranging service.

Where access is very challenging, we can dismantle pianos or employ lifting tools to remove or install the piano via a window, or even into basement flats among similar confined spaces. Our motor vehicles have tail lifts that are able to securely lift a one-half heap, or unique piano covers, and we always use racking and strapping to ensure a safe and smooth transportation process. We have all the necessary lifting tools, including, but not limited to, cranes and platforms, to move your piano via a home window or over a terrace.

We currently relocate pianos in Hammersmith, Fulham, or any region or borough of London, along with many institutions and bands in the surrounding areas. A map of our Coverage is available here.

Why not Contact Us and find out how we can assist you in your piano removal, transportation and installation needs? We would also be happy to provide Piano Tuning and Servicing following your piano's relocation.