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AMH Pianos offer a wide and diverse range of Piano related offerings, that are particularly geared towards the benefit of individuals and businesses within and around South London. High quality services at affordable rates, with a unbeatable success record is our ethos, our mission and drives everything about the company.

For the seasoned professionals, teaching experts, connoisseurs and patrons of all musical genres and talents, from beginners Andy Tuning a Piano

to masters, we offer a highly skilled Piano Tuning service. Andy Howard, the company’s founder, has looked after pianos for pianists at all levels, from beginners to expert musicians, tuning for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, well-renowned artists,. in fact wherever the music goes.

As a company we additionally cover all aspects of Piano Services ranging from Piano Removal to piano accessories and bespoke services. Please browse the site to see the full range of services AMH Pianos can provide. Additional helpful advice is also available on our FAQs page. We also have a feature-packed AMH Pianos Blog which is regularly updated with useful information, advice and the best news from our industry.

If you have any specific piano related enquiries or would like to discuss your personal requirements, please do not hesitate to Book a Tuning or via the social media buttons found across the website.

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