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Piano Tuning Prices

Cost for piano tuning are as below, there are different prices to get your piano tuned depending when the instrument was last serviced for 2018

Piano Tuning Price overview:
Bi annual piano tuning is £70 and will take one hour to tune
The cost of an annual tuning is £80 the appointment will be one hour
For a piano which hasn’t been tuned for more than two years, or has been moved the cost will be £100
For pianos which haven’t been tuned for more than five years, the charge of the piano tuning will be £150 and will take two hours to tune.
Pitch moving a Piano will cost £150 and will take two hours for the appointment

Cost for Piano Removal Services
Depending on steps and access to ones property, prices range from £140, this cost is for a standard upright piano, within five miles travel distance between addresses.

Cost for Piano Servicing
Half day Piano Servicing : £280
Full day Service: £390