what is piano voicing?

Piano Voicing is the process in which the hammers are either made softer or harder to create the tone when playing the piano. Soft hammer heads will help to produce a more mellow tone, and a harder hammer head will create a brighter sound to your piano. Should you wish the tone to be changed, please check our piano services London.

is my piano sensitive to climatic change?

Your piano is sensitive to climatic change so piano care is necessary. If possible, avoid positioning your piano in the path of a radiator. Be aware of air conditioning systems and heating vents. Avoid direct sunlight as this may bleach the case finish and expand the metal strings causing the piano to go out of tune

how do I clean my piano keys?

Try using a piece of clean cheesecloth lightly dampened with water to clean the keys. Make sure any excess water is quickly removed to ensure water does not run between the piano keys. When cleaning the exterior of the piano, follow the instructions above, again, with a soft dry cloth remove excess moisture from the piano case work. If the piano has a wood finish, always wipe in the direction of the grain. This will help to remove any build-up of dust. Internal cleaning can be carried out at the time of appointment, if and when required.

What is piano servicing?

Piano servicing is the process of making adjustments to the action inside of the piano.

Regulating the piano Keys and Action.

This enables the technician to change the touch, consistency and physical performance of your instrument. There are many moving parts within the piano which from time to time will need attention, regulating and/or servicing due to wear and tear. This process is like having an MOT on a car, helping to keep your piano performing and responding to its full potential Check out our page with piano repairs in London

Could you tell me a bit more about piano removal?

Moving a piano is a specialist job! I would suggest not moving your piano yourself for many reasons, as the actual size and weight of the instrument needs to be handled with care. Also, the piano has many moving parts which could suffer damage during transit. Our professional removal team have the working knowledge and equipment to safely move your musical investment, while also being fully insured and DBS checked.

why does my piano go out of tune?

The primary reason the piano goes out of tune – change of pitch, is due to contraction and expansion of the strings. Reason for this is temperature variation – atmospheric variations, particularly humidity. When the tension in a string changes, the pitch will also change, resulting in a note that is out of tune. Tuning pins can lose tension and slip, thus allowing movement of the strings effecting the tuning of the piano. Check out the services we provide for piano tuning in London

how often should i have my piano tuned?

Many people ask how often do you need to tune a piano?

This is a rough guide to answer this question.

Piano manufacturers suggest one should have their piano tuned every six months, to keep your instrument sounding perfectly in tune and on concert pitch.

As a traditionally trained piano tuner, I use a tuning fork to check the pitch of the piano. I have gained the skill to tune your instrument purely by ear, having trained for three years to a very high standard (Diploma AEWVH, M.I.M.I.T.), qualification details on home page.

How much would you charge for your services?

Q; How much does it cost to tune a piano in London?

A; Below you can find an overview of pricing for piano tuning in London, but as guide, it ranges from £80 to £150 pounds.

Q; How much does it cost to tune a piano UK?

A; Piano tuning cost for the UK can be very different depending on where you live, from my research it seems piano tuners charge from £40 to £200 pounds, depending on the amount of work that needs to be carried out. if a piano hasn’t been tuned for 10 years it would take more time and effort and naturally costs more the piano tuning to be carried out.

Q; How much does tuning a piano cost?

A; Tuning a piano can cost nothing if you are willing to give it a go yourself but like anything, if you are looking for a professional piano tuning service then you will need to pay professional piano tuning rates for the work.

Q; How much does it cost to tune an old piano?

A; The cost of tuning an old piano can sometimes be more than an average tuning because like anything in life, as things get older the piano might not be as good as when it was a newer piano. sometimes old pianos cannot be tuned due to the age of the instrument.


Piano Tuning Prices

Cost for piano tuning are as below, there are different prices to get your piano tuned depending when the instrument was last serviced for 2018

Piano Tuning Price overview:
Bi-annual piano tuning is £70 and will take one hour to tune
The cost of an annual tuning is £80 the appointment will be one hour
For a piano which hasn’t been tuned for more than two years, or has been moved the cost will be £100
For pianos which haven’t been tuned for more than five years, the charge of the piano tuning will be £150 and will take two hours to tune.
Pitch moving a Piano will cost £150 and will take two hours for the appointment

Cost for Piano Removal Services
Depending on steps and access to ones property, prices range from £140, this cost is for a standard upright piano, within five miles travel distance between addresses.

Cost for Piano Servicing
Half day Piano Servicing: £280
Full day Service: £390

Q; how many piano tuners are in the UK?

A; piano tuning is an interesting profession and i sometimes wonder how many piano tuners are there in the UK and through my research I found out that there are

Q; how many piano tuners are there in London?

A; as a piano tuner who has worked in the industry for over 20 years, some people are surprised that what I do is a profession, asking are there really any pianos out there any more to tune? So I thought I would do research to see how many piano tuners operate within London and I made a few calculations. In London, there are around 8 million people and out of that of person, every 50 owns a piano. if they tune their piano once a year, considering that a good piano tuner can tune up to 5 pianos per day and can work 230 days per year, there should be around 140 piano tuners in London alone.