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Pianos Services in Barking and Dagenham
Inc. Becontree, Creekmouth and Chadwell Health

We provide the very best in removals and piano restoration services for customers with pianos in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, including Becontree, Creekmouth and Chadwell Health.

The team at AMH Pianos Services London have been operating in your local area for almost two decades, so rest assured you will not be disappointed in our customer service or any of the service results. Contact our team today and book your move date or restoration, Call 07500 661581.

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Piano Restoration Services

The team at AMH Pianos Services London has been operating in your local area for almost two decades, and rest assured you will not be disappointed in our customer service or any of the service results.

We have decades of experience restoring some of the worlds most beautiful but most neglected pianos you could imagine. We can take a dead vintage piano and bring it back to life.

We rebuild from the ground up using the latest technologies and methods and the very best quality parts and materials. Not only will your vintage piano look more magnificent than ever before, but it’ll sound absolutely out of this world too.

AMH Pianos Services London has a piano workshop where all the restoration magic takes place. We can collect the piano, rebuild and restore it, and then, once done, we will deliver it and install it.

We can work on grand, baby grand and upright pianos, and we can also upgrade them with a silent modification if required. Please contact us for more information.

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Piano Removals

If you have a piano that you would like to professionally move from one location to another, then the team at AMH is ready to take your call on 07500 661581.

We have been helping customers in Barking and Dagenham for almost two decades with professional piano removals. Our team is fully insured and qualified to move upright, baby grands and grand pianos.

We have the skill and experience to ensure your piano move goes according to plan. Our team has had the training to dismantle all types of pianos, and then reassemble them in their new location.

  1. We move pianos from property to property
  2. We move pianos from or to storage units
  3. We move pianos from room to room
  4. We move pianos upstairs and down
  5. We move pianos in all types, from grand to upright

Book your move date today with AMH Pianos Services London

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Local Cultural Highlights of Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham, a vibrant borough in East London, is home to several notable landmarks. Among these are The White House and The Broadway Theatre, both of which contribute richly to the local culture and history.

The White House, located in Dagenham, is an architectural gem dating back to the 18th century. Originally a private residence, this stunning Grade II listed building now serves as a community hub. It hosts various cultural activities and events, offering a glimpse into the borough’s historical narrative. At AMH Pianos Services London, we appreciate the preservation of historical venues like The White House, as it aligns with our dedication to maintaining and restoring the timeless beauty of pianos. Just as we ensure pianos are kept in perfect tune, the conservation of The White House ensures the borough’s history remains vibrant.

The Broadway Theatre in Barking is another cultural cornerstone, providing a platform for a diverse range of performances, from theatre productions to live music. This modern venue, with its state-of-the-art facilities, is a beacon of the performing arts in East London. The theatre’s dedication to artistic excellence mirrors our commitment at AMH Pianos Services London to providing top-tier piano tuning, repairs, and removals. A well-tuned piano is essential for any live performance, and our services ensure that every note played on stage at The Broadway Theatre is pitch-perfect.

At AMH Pianos Services London, we take pride in supporting the rich cultural fabric of Barking and Dagenham by ensuring that pianos in these iconic venues, and beyond, are always in optimal condition. Whether you need your piano tuned, repaired, or moved, our expert team is here to help, ensuring that the music in our historic and contemporary landmarks continues to inspire and enchant.

Superb Customer Service

AMH Pianos Services London have been servicing customers pianos in Barking and Dagenham for almost two decades, and in the time we have been established, we continue to flourish and grow every year.

Our growth is a result of the best team a small business could hope for; our customer service is superb, and our customers return to us whenever their piano is suffering from one or more problems.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

But please do not just take our word for it, check for yourselves by reviewing our continued superb reputation on the likes of Google, Facebook and the Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.

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