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The Persistent Struggle Of Schimmel Pianos

The piano industry is one of the big businesses. There are a number of piano brands around the globe which are able to provide their customers with the best. Every brand holds its own characteristics which makes it unique and amazing from the other brands.

Among all those famous piano brands, one cannot neglect the most highly awarded German piano company, the Schimmel Pianos.


Process of the establishment of Schimmel piano company:

The Schimmel piano company was established by Wilhelm Schimmel in 1885. The company is a practical shape of the fact of his love for musical instruments. Schimmel Piano company is in Leipzig and is known as one of the biggest German-based piano company.

The company has faced many ups and downs in its life cycle, but all this was not able to hurt the determination level of it. The Schimmel Piano company has always proved itself with persistence and quality.


Distinctive products of Schimmel Pianos:

The Schimmel pianos are known worldwide for their quality, reasonable prices and sound reflections. The two best products of the company are:

  • Grand pianos.
  • Schimmel Upright pianos.


Historical aspects of Schimmel pianos:

The company holds a very interesting and persistent history. The Schimmel Pianos, Germany has gone through many downfalls but still managed to provide its customer with the best pianos around the globe.

Let’s dive into the history of Schimmel pianos:

1885 to 1905:

  • Beginning of the work in a small workshop in Leipzig.
  • Producing the first piano.
  • Growth of the company in a span of a few years.
  • The building of the Schimmel Piano factory covering the area of 4000 square meters.
  • Supplying the pianos to the Royals.
  • Gaining the title of the purveyor of the King of Romania and Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.

1905 to 1925:

  • Receiving the first Gold medals at World Exhibitions.
  • Developing the self-playing piano, Ducanola.

1925 to 1945:

  • Retirement of the Wilhelm Schimmel and passing the responsibilities to his son, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel.
  • Struggle through the crash of the world economy and Great depression.
  • Manufacturing under the name of Wilhelm Schimmel, Pianofortefabrik GmbH in Brunswick when Wilhelm Arno Schimmel moved there.
  • Introducing the 102 “Fortissimo” and Golden Jubilee upright series.
  • Destruction of the whole factory in a fire during World War.
  • Shifting the production towards the small wooden things like tables, furniture and interiors after a bit stabilization.

1945 to 1965:

  • Introducing the “Schimmel Line.”
  • Introducing the transparent Schimmel acrylic piano.
  • Becoming the world’s best-selling pianos from Germany.
  • Producing the world’s best-selling upright pianos.
  • Joining of the Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel for the company’s management.

1965 to 1985:

  • The sudden death of Wilhelm Arno Schimmel.
  • Establishing the new construction plant which was completed in two stages.

1985 to 2005:

  • The company continued to surprise its customers with the better than before.
  • Passing the management to Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel, son in law of Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel.

2005 to Present:

  • Developing the Konzert range of pianos.
  • Competing and proving its worth in the international market.
  • Entering into the strategic alliance with Pearl River.

Schimmel Pianos are a symbol of motivation and inspiration for everyone around the globe. Every time the company stood up again, no matter how against were the odds.

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