Looking after your piano – a few handy tips

A piano requires regular maintenance but tuning a piano can be very challenging especially for amateurs. It is not an easy job, and you can damage your instrument for good if you try and fix it yourself. Therefore you should only trust your valuable piano instrument for piano tuning or servicing to qualified personnel. Nevertheless, … Continued

Piano Tuning in Lewisham, London

Best Piano Tuning in Lewisham, London.   How to find piano tuning in Lewisham.   Your guide to Piano Tuning in Lewisham.   The art of Piano tuning requires an expert. Such a person is not only qualified, they additionally possess the experience to work with all makes and models of pianos. We provide the most wide-ranging … Continued

5 Reasons why you should hire professional piano movers

In today’s blog post I’m looking into the main reasons why it is beneficial – yes, even money-wise – to opt for a professional piano moving service next time. 1. Your piano matters Pianos, as we know, are finely tuned instruments with delicate strings and hammers that can be ruined easily if transported improperly. Moving … Continued

What makes for the best piano tuning in Lambeth?

What makes for the best piano tuning in Lambeth? Own a piano and live in Lambeth, then get in touch for best piano tuning in Lambeth! Simply the Best Piano Tuning in Lambeth   The art of Piano tuning requires an expert. Such a person is not only qualified, they additionally possess the experience to work with … Continued

Historical piano makers in Central London

When I travel around London, tuning pianos I am well aware of the rich history of piano manufacturers and merchants London has to offer and I am always fascinated by it. Did you know that central areas such as Mayfair, Soho or City of London once were all homes to well known piano makers? For … Continued

Hire a qualified piano technician – it is worth it

A lot of companies offer their services online and offline such as piano tuning, piano repairs, piano removals, piano servicing or piano restorations. However when you are looking for a piano service provider, always ensure that they are qualified, insured and DBS checked as not all technicians or piano movers are fully qualified in the … Continued

What is it that makes a Professional Piano Tuner?

Professional Piano Tuner – what is it all about!? Thought I would share my thoughts about what I believe makes a good Piano Tuner. As any service professional, you need to have good social skills, being able to talk with your clients, impart information, and most importantly understand how to deal with your clients requests. … Continued

How to tune a Piano Q’s & A’s

Thoughts from a Piano tuner – How to tune a piano? Q: Andy “How do you tune a piano yourself”? A: I am asked this question a lot from my customers, tuning a piano is a very challenging process, and it took three years to train as a piano tuner. A piano normally takes an … Continued

Things to consider when buying a second–hand piano

Whether you are looking for an upright or a grand piano the basic rules remain the same when choosing the right instrument. One must consider, both the size and the cost of the instrument to fit ones budget and the room where you wish to house the piano. Generally, a larger piano with longer strings … Continued

How To Move a Piano At Home

In this new blog entry I would like to give away some few useful instructions on how to safely move any kind of piano. But before I start I would like to remind everyone with even a very thorough knowledge of how-to move pianos, that actually moving your piano comes with a lot of responsibility … Continued