London Piano Polishing, Piano Case Parts Repairs and Piano Restoration in London

London Piano Polishing, Piano Case Parts Repairs and Piano Restoration in London

Does your piano need some “TLC”

Get your piano booked in for polishing or repairs.


In this blog post, I’d like to offer you a few of our services we provide locally to our customers in different parts of London. Apart from regular piano tuning, periodic maintenance is also essential as pianos need occasional repairs, polishing and even restoration at times.


Piano Repairs in London



French Polishing Pianos


Should you require your piano to be French polished, we are happy to help. At AMH Pianos, we use highly skilled craftsmen to do all our French polishing, to make sure the end result is of the highest standards, if it is just to tough up a few scratches, or a full piano polish, we can support our customers through every part of the process.


We are able to offer working examples of our work upon requires, so our clients can see the quality of our work. We can furthermore do work for both Grand pianos and Upright pianos, no job is too small or too big for us.


Piano Polyester Repairs


Pianos sometimes need attention to the casework, due to wear and tear or accidents, polyester repairs can bring your piano back to its original standard. At AMH Pianos we can offer all types of piano casework repairs. We can sometimes carry out basic piano polishing wherever the piano is, but for bigger piano polishing jobs, we may need to take the piano to our workshop, where we perform full piano polishing.


At times we remove parts of your piano so we can take it to the workshop, carry out the work, and return the case parts when work. At AMH Pianos we have years of dedicated expertise which goes hand in hand with excellent customer service to ensure our clients receive utmost satisfaction.

Piano Polishing in London


Should you need our support with piano polishing, fixing scratches or marks on your piano, we can help. You will find all contact details on this page and we will be pleased to be of service. Look forward to hearing from you.


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