How to tune a Piano Q’s & A’s

Thoughts from a Piano tuner – How to tune a piano?

Q: Andy “How do you tune a piano yourself”?

A: I am asked this question a lot from my customers, tuning a piano is a very challenging process, and it took three years to train as a piano tuner. A piano normally takes an hour to tune, if the instrument is being looked after correctly, which means being tuned twice a year. There are many strings and tuning pins in a Piano, which we need to adjust to create the right tome – pitch of each string to make it in tune.

Q: How do you tune a piano yourself

A: Tuning a piano yourself, it is possible to tune a piano yourself, but like anything in life, you get what you pay for, so using a professional piano tuner, will prevent strings being broken, and a much better tuned piano. I would not recommend that you should tune your own piano, so make sure you check the persons reviews online, and also they are fully qualified, then your piano will be well looked after and tuned perfectly.

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Q: How do I tune an upright piano

A: How do I tune an upright Piano ,tuning of an upright  piano is the same process, regardless of the size, make and or model of the instrument, there are special tools which are used when tuning a piano, so this needs to be considered when a piano is being tuned. You start by taking the piano apart so you can gain access to the tuning pins, and then you can build the scale in the middle section of the Piano and bring the rest of the instrument into pitch and tone. This is the first stage of how to tune a piano.

Q: How do I tune a Grand Piano

A: Tuning a Grand Piano , again is the same process as an Upright Piano, the sound generated by a large Grand Piano is more powerful than the volume of sound generated by a small upright piano, so please consider this when choosing a Piano for your home .

How to tune a Grand piano is slightly different to an Upright Piano, because the Piano is horizontal, and the tuning pins, the things you turn to tune each string is accessed under the music desk. So for the starting point, this is how you tune a Grand Piano.

Q: How to tune a piano by ear.

A: Again learning how to tune a Piano by ear, is a very skilled thing to learn. It took me three years, to understand the process, and manual dexterity to finely tune a piano, listening to things called harmonics is how to tune a piano by ear. Apart from octaves, in a piano, intervals are either flat or sharp, this is the way we can move from key to key when playing the piano, thus, this is how to tune a piano using equal tempered scaling.


Q: How to tune a piano using a tuning device

A: You can get tuning devices to help tune a piano, but I have never used one, because I am trained in the traditional way of tuning pianos. Using tuning devices are a quicker way to learn the trade, but I feel being able to monitor the process without a machine to tune a piano is a better way to work in my opinion.

Q: How do I tune a piano which hasn’t been tuned for a long time.

A: How I tune a piano which hasn’t been tuned for a long time, I generally do a double tuning, this means, prepping the piano first, How to tune a piano at this stage, is to do a rough tuning, this means getting the balance of the tuning of the piano tuned closer together, because if a piano is left for many years, the tuning can be all over the place and needs to be brought back to some kind of order.

Q: How to tune a piano after the first prepping stage

A: How to tune the piano after the first prepping stage, is to check the pitch of the piano, and do a fine tuning of the instrument.

Q: How do you fine tune a piano?

This is a process of making very small adjustments to the Piano, so there are no noticeable clashes between strings, and the sound made is as pure as humanly possible, this is how I fine tune a Piano.

How to tune a piano whether it is in a concert hall or Mrs Smiths front room, the overall process remains the same, but there are lots of different makes of Piano and different setting to consider

I hope this has offered an insight into how to tune a piano, should you require any more info please check out my website for more information about the stages and processes of how to tune a Piano.

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