How to Take Good Care of a Piano

Tender loving care is something that all pianos need but it is not an easy task as you can easily damage your valuable instrument with improper maintenance. Therefore it is very important to know about a few basic rules and things, that you, as a piano owner can do for your piano.

Play your piano on a regular basis

1. Keep things off finished wood surfaces
Everything that might cause scratches or marks ie. books, flower vases, food and drinks must be strictly kept off the piano

2. Keep it clean and dust-free
Stay on top of dust in the room in which the piano is kept, because even dust can scratch the piano. Vacuum the room regularly and use a soft cloth for dusting the furniture and the piano itself. Protect the keys or even the entire piano with a cover cloth when not in use.

3. Find a suitable location
Consistent temperatures and humidity levels are very important factors as pianos are very delicate instruments and are extremely vulnerable to these effects. 20 degrees of Celsius and 42 percent relative humidity is the optimal environment for a piano.

4. Play your piano regularly
Regular use of the instrument keeps it in good working order and makes it easier to spot problems. It is recommended to play your piano once a week at least.

5. Find a good piano tuner
A qualified, highly skilled technician will bring the best services to your door whether it is tuning, repair or any kind of piano servicing. They will also advice you on any necessary repairs your piano might as well need.

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