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Few words about the Blüthner Piano Company

Whenever it is about the piano industry, people refer to the “Big Four”. You might be wondering what the “Big Four” is, aren’t you? Big four refers to those four Top Piano industries which have been able to build their trust in the sector of their customers. The “Big Four” band refers to the four standing out piano brands which include Steinway and Sons, C. Bechstein, Bosendorfer and last but not the least Blüthner.

The initiative of the Blüthner piano company:

The Blüthner piano company was also established in 1853 by Dr Christian Blüthner-Haessler just like few other famous piano brands. The Blüthner piano company has been able to instill the idea of perfection and quality in their pianos. The mission of the piano company revolves around the motto “Quality above everything.” This classic piano company is located in the city of Germany known as Leipzig.

What is the company famous for?

Blüthner piano company, Germany has been always standing out among all the other piano companies. They are known worldwide for a number of reasons, among which quality is the most superior one. A wide range of customers appreciate the pianos of this company because of their clear sound and tone. They have always been able to give a good amount of competition to their rivalries, whenever it comes to their eminent products of Blüthner Grand pianos and Blüthner Upright pianos.

The amazing history of Blüthner pianos:

This company holds an amazing amount of interesting years in its history. For all the time the company has done its best to come up with something better than before. So, a brief historical overview of the Blüthner pianos is as follows:

1853 to 1900:

  • Establishing the Blüthner piano company after a long struggle.
  • Promoting the instruments in different exhibitions in order to express their potential.
  • Gaining a number of medals and awards for the quality and superior musical instruments.
  • Enlarging the factory and building the Concert Hall in order to showcase the elegant pianos.
  • Becoming one of the most important and top Piano brands in Europe.

1900 to 1950:

  • Publishing the “Blüthner Freund” journal’s first edition.
  • Manufacturing the lightweight Grand Piano for the airship.
  • Destruction of the factory in the air raid during the World War and then rebuilding of it by Dr Rudolf Blüthner-Haessler.

1950 to 2000:

  • Getting continuous support from the famous pianist Wilhelm Kempff.
  • Gaining the honour of receiving 5 gold medals to date.
  • Displaying of the Grand and upright pianos in the New Exhibition Hall.

2000 to Present:

  • Joining the top spot in the priority list of many famous pianists.
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of customers all over time.

The Blüthner Piano company has always been known for its pianos holding the quality tone. The company is also honoured for many innovative creations like Blüthner Aliquot stringing. All in all, the Blüthner piano company is one of the amazing piano companies around the globe. It has never failed to provide the best to its customers in its total age of 166 years.

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