Duelling Pianos To Benefit US Boy Scouts

A group of boy scouts from the US are set to benefit from a fun and musical fundraising event. KHQA reported on the event that has been organised by the Mississippi Valley Council of Boy Scouts of America to raise money that will help local scout groups.

The main attraction on the night will be two hours of duelling piano action, where two pianists go head to head to try and entertain the audience with increasingly elaborate performances and displays of musicality.

The event is being held at the Dick Brothers Brewery on Friday 6 September, with anyone who’s coming along also being given the chance to take a brewery tour before the action starts on the pianos.

Duelling pianos is a concept that started in the US as far back as the 1890s, when piano players used the format as a way of seeing who could play faster and better.

In the 1930s, a bar in New Orleans took this concept to a new level, where the audience wrote down song requests on napkins. These were then given to one of the two piano players who had to give their rendition of the requested tune.

It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity for pianists to entertain a crowd, with the chance for some interaction and audience participation too.

Of course, to run this kind of event you need two grand pianos that are in good condition and in tune. If you think that a piano duel could be a great event to organise, either for fun or to raise money, make sure you contact a piano tuner in South London to ensure both your instruments are playing at their best.

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