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C. Bechstein, Delivering the pianos to the Royals since ages.

Pianos have always been not only a source of entertainment, but also a Royalty for Royals. There are a number of grand and elegant pianos present in the palaces of the Royals.

The Royals are quite conscious about the working, design and outlook of pianos. So, the fact is that they trust only one or a few of the companies for their pianos. Among those grand piano companies is C. Bechstein.

The company has been able to impress many Royals with its amazing set of upright and grand pianos.


How C. Bechstein was established?

Carl Bechstein has been working as a piano maker for the initial years of his professional life. He crafted amazing pianos for different companies.

But it was until October 1853 that he established his own C. Bechstein piano company in Berlin, Germany.


The notable products of C. Bechstein Company:

By the year 1886, the company was the one holding the Royal Warrant because of its amazing sales of pianos to the Royals including Queen Victoria.

The two most eminent products of the company are as follows:

  • Bechstein Grand Pianos.
  • Upright Pianos.


Historical review of C. Bechstein:

  1. Bechstein holds a very interesting and elevating history. Let’s dive into it:

Ø  1850 to 1900:

  • Bechstein established his own piano company known as C. Bechstein.
  • With the passage of time, the company’s pianos were able to be part of many famous concerts and music halls.
  • Supplying of pianos to Queen Victoria started which later extended to the supply of pianos to many Royals and attaining the Royal Warrant.
  • Opening of many showrooms in distinctive areas and the Bechstein Concert Hall in Berlin.

Ø  1900 to 1950:

  • Death of Carl Bechstein and the company started operating under the heirs.
  • Opening of Bechstein Hall in London (Wigmore Street).
  • The company faced a downfall because of World War I.
  • Within no time, the company faced another huge backlash in the form of bombardments of World War II leaving the company in a bad state. The company lost many of its craftsmen and assets.
  • The company kept on producing pianos, but in a very small amount due to lack of resources.
  • But all this did not let the company lose its morale and determination.

Ø  1950 to 2000:

  • Bechstein continued its production of pianos.
  • Celebrating the Bechstein’s centennial by the Berlin Philharmonic.
  • Starting the new factory of C. Bechstein and Zimmermann instruments in Saxony.
  • Celebrating the 125th birthday of C. Bechstein in 1978.
  • Opening of new production facilities in Berlin-Kreuberg.
  • The company went public in 1996.
  • Establishing of the first C. Bechstein Centre in Berlin.

Ø  2000 to Present:

  • Forming a partnership in co-operation with Samick, the Korean musical instrument manufacturer.
  • Laying the foundation of Berlin Bechstein Piano Ltd in Shanghai, China.
  • Taking place of the first International musical competition of C. Bechstein.


Indeed, the C. Bechstein company has faced many ups and downs in its age of 164 years.

Through all this time, the company maintained its standards and determination in order to stand persistent, even after facing the downfalls of two world wars.

So, this was all about the C. Bechstein, the company delivering the best pianos to the Royals since ages.

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