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AMH: The 2020 London Marathon

The managing director of needs your help. Andy Howard and his fabulous wife Lucy are both registered blind. Andrew’s family regularly visit the Lion Swimming Club, with their two-year-old daughter Evie. As you know, young children require someone to watch them at all times, for what may seem to be easy for most parents; it … Continued

Few words about the Blüthner Piano Company

Whenever it is about the piano industry, people refer to the “Big Four”. You might be wondering what the “Big Four” is, aren’t you? Big four refers to those four Top Piano industries which have been able to build their trust in the sector of their customers. The “Big Four” band refers to the four standing … Continued

Insights of Yamaha Corporation

As human beings, we hold very busy schedules on a daily basis. We crave for certain breaks throughout the day, which usually constitutes the aspect of entertainment. Every person holds his/her own choice of the distinction of entertainment. But, the most common among all of these is music. Do you enjoy music? And, what about … Continued

Exploring the facts about Steinway and Sons Piano Company

Whenever it comes to the piano industry, it is a known fact that some of the brands have been able to provide their customers with the best for years. With no doubt, there are a number of piano brands around the globe. But, among them, few are which stand out. So, when talking about famous piano … Continued

Discovering the historical aspects of Chappell and Co.

In the world of business, it is always a good strategy to inform your audience first and then persuade them to buy your product. When it comes to the piano industry, people who are looking for pianos are well aware of the characteristics and distinctions they are seeking for. A piano is a musical instrument … Continued

The Persistent Struggle Of Schimmel Pianos

The piano industry is one of the big businesses. There are a number of piano brands around the globe which are able to provide their customers with the best. Every brand holds its own characteristics which makes it unique and amazing from the other brands. Among all those famous piano brands, one cannot neglect the … Continued

Embrace National Piano Month

As you might have guessed, we have a passion for pianos. And we love the fact that the US celebrates National Piano Month every September. We know that we’re over halfway through the month, but there are still plenty of ways in which you can celebrate these versatile instruments. Casio, which is known for producing … Continued