3 of the Most Popular Christmas Piano Songs


Piano Lesson With Christmas Background (1)

Christmas is just around the corner and one of life’s pure luxuries around this special time is having our loved ones around to spend precious time with. At this time of year, we look back on the progress we have made and set goals for the next coming year, it is an excellent opportunity to practise your piano skills and learn favourite Christmas piano songs to share with the family.

The very best feel-good Christmas films feature a loving family huddled around the grand piano, singing along to holiday favourites and it sounds truly incredible.

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing the piano for years, there is always a great reason to try out a new piece or revisit the classics, also with Christmas tunes they are ideal learning material to gain fresh skills.

Three of the most popular Christmas piano songs you can learn or play for Christmas can be found below.

Jingle Bells

Play Jingle Bells on the Piano

Jingle bells is a great starting tune to learn, accompanied by left-hand bass notes. The tune begins with a right-hand melody and is an excellent introduction to learning how to coordinate both hands. At first, paying the piano with both hands can be a challenge but can quickly become second nature when you put the practice into play.

Once you start playing, you will notice that you play the first note of each bar with a left-hand bass note of C, this allow your left hand to relax and not have to look for other notes enabling you to concentrate on your right hand. This, in turn, makes Jingle bells a fantastic way to start playing two hands. Learn how to play Jingle Bells on the Piano.

Reindeer With Red Nose

Play Rudolph, The red-nosed Reindeer on Piano

This classic Christmas tune helps to improve your coordination between both hands and starts to introduce complex rhythmic values such as eighth notes, dotted half notes and ties.

You may have heard this tune many times but seeing the notation gives you a better understanding of how its notated compared to how it sounds, this step between your eyes and your ears is an essential step to becoming closer to a skilled pianist.

There is a dotted half note within this melody, dotted half note is two beats long, so a dotted half note is three beats long. Learn how to play Rudolph, The red-nosed Reindeer on the Piano.

House On The Moon With A Christmas Feel

Play Silent Night on the Piano

Silent night is a beautiful and calming Christmas song, it is more on an intermediate level as the song introduces the challenge of both hands moving their positions at the same time within the melody.

It is a good idea to start small, just playing a few bars to get used to the hand movements and master the distance whilst placing your fingers on the correct keys. Whilst you are practising, it is okay to look at your hands and the way they move then it becomes easier to focus on the movement and get the coordination right.

Patience and time will really pay off with this melody as you are conquering each hurdle this song presents which in turn will give you confidence in your ability to play other melodies. Learn how to play Silent Night on the Piano.